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Curve Finance + CRV coin explained

What is Curve Finance and what is the use case of the CRV token? Tune in as we break down Curve Finance in simple terms.

Curve Finance + CRV coin explained, chapters:
00:00 Introduction: Curve Finance and Curve DAO token, CRV
00:15 Curve Finance Automated Market Maker
00:45 Curve Finance liquidity pools
01:23 Defi protocols using Curve Finance
01:48 Curve stablecoins
02:13 Curve Yield Farming
02:26 Curve DAO token, CRV coin use cases
03:13 Curve Finance and Polygon Matic
03:33 Curve Finance and the growth of DeFi

More info about Curve Finance at https://ift.tt/b3MBDY8

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Curve Finance + CRV coin with Layah Heilpern

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