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Robinhood Spreading MISINFORMATION About Ethereum Classic?! [#ETCARMY CALL TO ACTION]

Robinhood recently added a summary for each cryptocurrency they offer, but their description for Ethereum Classic contains a number of misleading statements if not outright lies! A CALL TO ACTION to contact Robinhood, asking them to correct the error that their 22.5 MILLION clients see.

HOLD ROBINHOOD ACCOUNTABLE: Message them, make noise, like & share this video- don’t let millions of investors be misinformed!

0:00- Opening
0:48- Introducing Robinhood’s Crypto Descriptions
1:19- Robinhood’s #BITCOIN Description
1:47- Robinhood’s ETHEREUM Description
2:27- Robinhood’s #ETHEREUMCLASSIC Description
2:53- MISINFORMATION In Robinhood’s ETC Description
6:01- Introducing DAO Hack History
7:35- Ethereum Classic’s Growing Ecosystem
12:13- (STEALING The) Ethereum Classic Declaration Of Independence
13:19- Closing

Sample Email:
Hello! You guys recently added an “about” section for the cryptocurrencies you support here, which is great, but there’s a MAJOR ERROR and you must issue a correction immediately as you’re currently misinforming your users. You incorrectly state that Ethereum Classic was created in 2016 as a result of a hard fork from Ethereum. This is INCORRECT- that is not my opinion, but pure fact and this fact is upheld by the major crypto exchanges and companies. This is a misconception that less and less companies are propagating as time goes on, but of all places it is a shame that Robinhood is spreading this false information! Ethereum Classic is the original chain of Ethereum- the DAO program was exploited on this chain, and most developers agreed to fork the chain and move the Ethereum branding to a NEW chain, which we today call Ethereum- but the minority of developers who valued immutability and trust minimization KEPT the original chain alive. Ethereum Classic also will remain proof of work, has a fixed monetary policy and capped supply and has a replicated data base- all of which are major security benefits and differences between ETC and ETH. Please correct your “about” page because as it stands, the information is bare minimum misleading and at worst patently false.

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