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Peter Schiff & Alex Mashinsky debate Bitcoin: Gold 2.0 or fool's gold?

Kitco News talks to Peter Schiff, one of the staunchest detractors of Bitcoin, and Alex Mashinsky, a pioneer in the crypto space and a top Bitcoin proponent, live on YouTube.

In this special LIVE interactive debate moderated by Kitco News Editor-in-Chief Michelle Makori, we tackle the toughest arguments for and against Bitcoin and cover your questions on which assets offer the best wealth protection in the next economic crisis.

During this unique event, viewers had the opportunity to interact with the CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky and Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, by submitting questions live.

In an era of unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus, is Bitcoin the answer? Can Bitcoin offer a hedge against inflation, dollar debasement and be a true store of value and a wealth protection asset?

As Bitcoin hits new all-time highs, can we safely dismiss its existential threats, or is it still in danger of crumbling under the thumb of regulation? Does Bitcoin have intrinsic value, or will it ultimately crash?

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