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How to Stake THETA FUEL / TFUEL on an Elite Edge Node for Passive Income! (AFTER Mainnet 3.0)

Your 2-step guide on staking THETA FUEL / TFUEL on an Elite Edge Node to earn Passive Income rewards AFTER Mainnet 3.0!

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🚀 How to buy THETA/TFUEL in the USA in 2021 (step-by-step) 🚀

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My preferred exchanges that sell THETA:
https://bit.ly/c4a-gateio (10% off trade fees for first 12 months)
https://bit.ly/c4a-binance (non-US)

Canadian exchanges:
https://bit.ly/c4a-newton (free $25 with $100 purchase)
https://bit.ly/c4a-shakepay (free $10 with $100 purchase)

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0:00​ Why stake TFuel
0:45 Staking minimum
1:06 How it works
1:38 Option 1: DIY Staking
2:03 Option 2: Delegated Staking
3:17 Preferred Option
3:41 Step 1: Get Holder Address
4:01 Option 1 Walkthrough
5:16 Option 2 Walkthrough
6:47 Step 2: Deposit Stake
8:08 Look at results
8:16 Which staking pays better?

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