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Why Tezos NFTs are on the RISE (still early!)

Let’s talk about the growing NFT scene on Tezos, and specifically Hic Et Nunc.

People who are new to the space might not know that a few months ago Hic Et Nunc (HEN) had more users and daily transactions than opensea, even though it was built on Tezos, not Ethereum which many believe to be the main NFT chain. This was at a time when NFT sales were dominated by crypto art, and HEN was very popular amongst both artists and collectors (I talk about why in the video). But then in June and July we saw an explosion in the rise of NFT pfp collectibles after the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club (cool cats, pudgy penguins, wicked craniums, etc.). This wave turned Opensea into the juggernaut that we know today. At the same time, HEN was hit with a big hack at the end of June which stalled their progress.

But now the winds of change are coming again. NFT collectibles AND Artblocks are both having their first real correction in months, and people are looking for eth alternatives as the gas problem gets worse. Solana was the first chain to benefit from the latter, but right now there’s a lack of quality supply to satisfy their new audience. Meanwhile, HEN is also picking up speed again, and as a result the price of Tezos has also been going up in recent weeks.

In this video I talk about what we can expect going forward and why I’m personally buying into the ecosystem. At the end of the video I also provide the steps you need to take to start buying Tezos NFTs

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0:00 Intro
0:53 important background
2:44 what is HEN
3:30 Reason #1 for Hen’s popularity
3:57 Reason #2
4:54 arbitrage opportunity
5:38 why I’m buying HEN/Tezos
7:00 the HEN/Tezos bull case!!
7:48 tezos till we bezos?
9:34 but why not Solana/Wax/chain X?
11:13 how to buy Tezos NFTs
13:02 the artists that I’ll buy into
14:10 other platforms and tools for Tezos

things I talked about on the video:

bull case write up: https://ift.tt/zhRfcMv
better way to use hen: henext.xyz
tool for checking collector buys: https://nftbiker.xyz/

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